Thursday, 27 August 2015

A Loft Extension Is a Suitable Option, Which Offers Value for Money

When people move into a new house or they wish to renovate a cluttered house, they usually opt for extensions. After all, extensions to the household could provide one with an extra room, which could be used as a storage space where you can keep all your miscellaneous stuff or stuff that is used just once in a year such as Christmas decoration.

However, the addition of extra rooms is expensive. It entails labour, new paint, extra furniture or at least doors and windows. Want to read more? Here is the link.

Did you however know that about 40% of your entire home space is located in the roof? This area can easily be converted into a storeroom or an attic. Loft extensions Romford cost less and are thus light on the pocket.

You would need to install ladders, which can be used to reach the room. If you wish to turn the room into a storage space, then you should install proper flooring as well as insulation, as it could turn the room into a dust-free space.

Hire people who know their work:

The work on a small storage space can be completed in a day or two. Nonetheless, be sure to hire a professional to work on loft extensions Romford as a qualified individual offer value for money.

If you really want to add value to your house, then it is suggested that you convert the extra roof space into:

·         A proper bedroom with ventilation
·         A working area with windows for outside view

Lastly, be innovative. You can design your loft whichever way you see fit. It doesn’t really have to be a go with the flow thing. Use your imagination, if you wish to create something original.

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